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Our goal in designing and developing for Nexgen was to create landing page and SaaS UI and backend. Nexgen provides services for servers, databases, and infrastructure management. One of the key goals was to create clean and powerful UI/UX that would combine fresh and modern UI with latest technologies and best practices of the backend development.


Landing page
Server/Database management
Stripe payments
Cloud infrastructure


May 2022

August 2022



1 Project manager
3 Back-end developers
1 Front-end developers
1 UX designer
1 UX researcher
1 QA


The development process of the Nexgen SaaS involved building an advanced backend infrastructure from scratch. One of our developers worked in close collaboration with the Nexgen team, ensuring strong cooperation and constant communication to achieve key milestones and outstanding results.

To deliver a refined product, Aconite conducted 13 UX research studies throughout the project and performed comprehensive QA checks consistently. These measures were taken to ensure the highest level of user experience and product quality.


1. Project planning

  • Set milestones
  • Risk calculation
  • Careful team management

2. Research

  • Users research
  • Market analysis

3. MVP

  • Basic functionality
  • UX research
  • Feedback gathering

4. Development

  • Agile development with concurrent QA work
  • Continuous usability testings


result image
Cards layout on the main dashboard is the best way to display all machine entities. Card contains general information about machine: name, host, GitHub integration, and integration date.
Shortcuts of different commands in the system and integration with AI assistant.
result image
The Aconite team collaborated with Nexgen developers to build an advanced backend infrastructure and enhanced capabilities for the Nexgen SaaS. The platform offers a high level of customization, enabling users to create machines tailored to their specific needs.


Aconite delivered exceptional professional services to Nexgen, resulting in a highly successful final product. This project has elevated our expertise in the cloud services industry, and we are immensely grateful to the Nexgen team for choosing us as their development partner.

Within just the first month of launch, the Nexgen landing page received over 210,000 visitors, showcasing the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts. Additionally, the SaaS solution has demonstrated remarkable stability and reliability, further affirming the quality of our work.

“We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism demonstrated by Aconite. Their approach was rigorous, and we greatly appreciated the meticulous attention to detail they provided.”

Paul, Nexgen CEO

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