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The Ethiq project aimed to create a portfolio analysis service. Upon uploading a portfolio, the service matches the information with an open-source database. Once the matching and calculations are complete, a PDF report is generated and provided to the user. The project's second goal was to develop a Chrome browser extension that scans open web page visited for references to any Fortune® 1000 corporation or the 535 federal-level politicians (US House and Senate)


Browser extension
PDF render
Data management
Backend maintenance


May 2022

August 2022



1 Project manager
3 Full-stack developers
1 QA


The Ethiq project posed significant technical challenges. Our first task was to develop a backend system for report calculation and rendering. Leveraging a stack consisting of React.js, Node.js, Express.js, and TypeScript, our team successfully delivered a functional solution for report processing. The next challenge was navigating the legal landscape surrounding the service. We closely collaborated with a legal consulting firm to ensure the project complied with all relevant laws and regulations.


1. Project planning

  • Set milestones
  • Risk calculation
  • Careful team management

2. Legal research

  • Understanding of restrictions
  • Matching availabilities with technology

3. Website

  • Main report functionality
  • Feedback gathering

4. Web extension

  • Chrome extension development
  • Uploading it to CWS

Chrome extension

Ethiq’s Chrome Extension empowers you to easily see the financial connections between corporations and politicians. The goal of this extension is to deliver objective, non-partisan and actionable information on the relationships between our representatives and corporations involved in the US political process.

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Users can enter an OTA code to initiate the report generation process. We implemented this method of authentication to ensure that the service is utilized by genuine individuals and to prevent any misuse or violations of our rules.

“Aconite team is a combination of great professionals and amazing

Darren, Ethiq representative

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