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Our goal in the design project for Chieasy was to redesign the educational platform: create fresh and visually appealing UI, structured and clean UX that functions seamlessly to provide an optimal learning experience. Students should access course materials, communicate with teachers and peers, and track their progress during the learning period.


Landing page
Educational platform
Video calls service
Online group chatting
Progress reporting

Redesign results



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Redesigning an already existing online project can present several challenges. One of the primary challenges is ensuring that the redesign addresses the needs and expectations of both existing and potential students.

Another challenge is maintaining consistency with the existing brand while updating the design. It's important to strike a balance between familiarity and innovation, so that students feel comfortable with the platform while also being able to navigate and use it more effectively.

Finally, there were technical challenges related to the integration of new features and the migration of data from the old platform to the new one. Ensuring that the redesigned platform is stable and secure is crucial to maintaining student trust and satisfaction.


1. Research and analysis

  • Website audit
  • Personas and user research
  • Competitive analysis

2. Prototyping

  • User interviews
  • Field testing
  • Live design prototype

3. MVP

  • Basic functionality
  • Users’ feedback

4. Development

  • Adding full list of functions
  • Maintaining SEO


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User research showed that 87% of students feel more motivated when they see their actual progress. We decided to place progress bars to the personal dashboard main page to emphasise their growth.
Students voted for the function of the today’s schedule, so they can easily check if there are any lessons today.
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All respondents were asking to add lesson timeline, so user can easily understand time left until the lesson is over.
Virtual classroom experience. Our state-of-the-art online tools and resources allow you to participate in live video sessions, interact with your teacher and peers, and access a wealth of learning materials at any time.
During lesson students have access to online chat and files dedicated specially to the ongoing lesson. Later, after the lesson is over, the recording will be available, so student can review the lecture.


The “Chieasy” project was challenging and uncommon. Thanks to our professional team of developers, designers, and marketing department we successfully completed it and met all client’s expectations.

Our journey with Chieasy started in 2021, from marketing consulting service. Later, we proceeded with full redesign of the platform.

Currently, Chieasy is our “Maintenance” service customer. We provide the SaaS with our technical support, maintain it.

“ We were lucky to find Aconite agency! Professional team, pleasant people.

We trusted to Aconite and they improved quality of our product. Highly recommend them! ”

Ilya, Chieasy co-founder

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